Senior Wellness

HousePaws offers senior wellness exams as well as routine vaccinations, laboratory services, basic treatment, and consultations. Many clients find this service invaluable for pets unable to travel or those who experience extreme anxiety when treated in traditional clinic setting. Similarly, busy professionals, overly stretched families, and elderly pet parents enjoy the convenience and ease of having their companion treated at home. In-home care is much less stressful for pets and family alike.

Procedures  we are not able to perform are referred to general practice hospitals we recommend, the pet’s regular veterinarian, or a veterinary specialist, if indicated. Our recommended hospitals are listed on the contact page.

Senior Wellness Services we offer:

  • comprehensive examination
  • consultations
  • laboratory services
  • ultrasound diagnostics
  • basic treatments
  • caring for pets on long-term medications
  • pain management
senior wellness

Services we are unable to perform such as anesthetic procedures, radiology, and surgery will be referred to a full service animal hospital. For those cases requiring a veterinary specialist, we are able to refer to several area specialty groups.

We ask that all medical records for your pet be emailed  prior to your appointment.

Full payment required at time of service.

We accept cash and credit card only.  

*Checks from current clients in good standing accepted.