As a mobile vet, we are incredibly thankful to have the opportunity to take care of our clients’ animals. Thank you for choosing HousePaws for your veterinary needs.

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Here are a few things our clients have said about HousePaws In-Home Veterinary Care

It made a difference

Laura was a blessing for Callie. For the last year of her life, Dr. Laura would come to the office or our house weekly to give Callie her spa treatment (accupuncture and cold laser). It made a world of difference, sometimes she would fall asleep during her treatments. It was essential to help her be able to walk. For all senior pets, I would definitely recommend Dr. Laura. She will always put your pet first.

Making a difference in the quality of life for a senior pet

I have been blessed to find Dr. McMahan. I has been almost 3 years since I started acupuncture and cold laser with Callie for her hind end support. I was blessed to start working with Dr McMahan earlier this year, now I can keep up with her “spa” treatments without taking a whole afternoon off work. In addition, she helped me finally get under control a chronic urinary tract infection. A healthy diet is not enough for a senior pet, they need a little TLC and Dr. McMahon definitely does that!!
Callie Picone

Super convenient

Callie had some nasal discharge, was not eating or drinking, was having trouble walking. We called Dr. Laura and she came over that night. She diagnosed Callie and gave her a regiment of oral prescriptions. Within two days she was back to normal. It was so convenient to have her come out to the house. Did not have to put Callie in the car and take her and wait at the office. It was very awesome!

Best Vet Ever!

While Dr. MacMahan was working at Enchanted Oaks in Spring we had driven the 1 1/2 hrs to take our girl Abby there for cancer surgery and decided to have our other girl Sophie Spayed too. Sophie is a big 90# baby and super shy. She came walking into the clinic that morning with her “baby” in her mouth and never put it down. As the girl took her to the back we could hear all the girls in the back fussing over her. We knew right then she was in good hands. Dr. Laura is so good with our dogs. They are never stressed out with her and that means so much to us. When we picked up Sophie she came out the same way she went in, “baby” in mouth and tail wagging. We love Dr. Laura! Knowing that Dr. Laura is mobile now and can come to our home is even better. So many times, especially with these big dogs it would be better for us to have the Dr. come to our home and now we can have both. She’s not just a mobile Vet…she’s our Favorite Vet!

Best Vet

Dr. Laura McMahan has taken care of our pets for the past 15 years. She is kind, caring and compassionate. She is an awesome vet!
Missy, Foxtail, and Sweetie

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