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What are your expectations for your pet during hospice care?

Do you believe in euthanasia or prefer assisted natural death?

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Hopice Care Consent

I certify I am the legal owner/authorized agent for the owner of the companion animal described above and give HousePaws In-Home Veterinary Care, and any authorized agents, staff, or representatives full and complete authority to examine, prescribe for and/or treat (“hospice care”) the above-described companion animal.

I agree HousePaws In-Home Veterinary Care, and any authorized agents, staff, or representatives shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, or consequential damages resulting from such hospice care.

I understand hospice care is focused on preserving quality of life for as long as possible and is NOT focused on curing medical conditions or providing routine veterinary care, surgical care and/or emergency treatment/transport.

HousePaws In-Home Veterinary Care has informed me if additional diagnostics, procedures and/or more aggressive hospice care are recommended for my companion animal at this time, and I have (check one):
Declined additional diagnostics, procedures and/or more aggressive hospice care.Accepted the recommendation(s), and HousePaws In-Home VeterinaryCare has made necessary referrals.

To the best of my knowledge, the information I have provided on this form is true and correct. I do also certify that this animal has not bitten, seriously scratched, or exposed anyone to rabies in the past 10 days. I understand that my wishes will be immediately carried out upon the signing of this agreement. Fees for these services have been explained to me and will be collected at the time of service.

I assume full responsibility for the actions of the companion animal described above and all charges incurred during his/her hospice care. I also understand all professional fees are due at the time hospice care rendered.

I have carefully read and fully understand the above provisions.

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