Why House calls?
A house call appointment allows your pet to have many medical services provided in the comfort of their own home. No more restless car rides, unfamiliar sounds and smells of a clinic, or anxiety of a traditional vet visit. House calls are also a benefit for those pet parents leading busy lives. It is hard to carve out time to take our pets to the clinic. House calls can offer a more personal veterinary experience. The visit is about you and your pet(s) only. No wait for an open exam room while sitting in a busy reception area.
Do you only see cats and dogs?
Yes, we only see dogs and cats. We do not see exotic or large animals.
Do you see sick pets?
If your pet is seriously ill, we recommend you see a full-service hospital or an emergency clinic. There may be procedures that your pet will need, such as radiographs and surgery, which we are unable to provide. We do see pets that are entering palliative and hospice care. These pets are often chronically ill, but have been through extensive diagnostics and pet parents are opting for comfort care rather than searching for a cure. We are able to provide laboratory services, in-home ultrasound, and other diagnostics for monitoring a pet’s condition. If we diagnose an illness through routine wellness care, we will offer referral to either a full-service facility or a veterinary specialist.
Do you see emergencies?
No, we do not routinely see emergencies. Once again, many times emergency cases will require services out of our realm of diagnostic capability, being a mobile practice. We would refer these calls to the local emergency clinics or specialty practices. However, we do make emergency visits for our ongoing hospice patients to re-evaluate the patient’s condition and to make changes in the treatment plan.
How do I make an appointment
Appointments can be made via email or phone. We see patients Monday-Friday, by appointment only. Weekend and evening appointments can be made with no additional fee, provided there is an advance notice of at least 72 hours.
How far do you travel?
Our travel area is within a 15-mile radius of The Woodlands and Conroe Texas. We will see patients outside this area, however, an additional travel fee will apply.
What do I need to have ready prior to my first visit
We ask that you forward us all previous medical records for each pet to be seen. This includes any medications your pet is currently taking. If this can be done 2-3 days before the appointment, we are better able to assess your pet’s overall health and increase efficiency during exams.
Can you see multiple pets during one visit?
Yes, we can see multiple pets during one house call. There is only one house call charge per visit, but each animal will have their own exam fee. Services rendered for each animal will be charged accordingly.
Can I purchase wellness products from you such as heartworm prevention, flea control medication, etc?
Because we are strictly a house call service, our inventory on hand is fairly limited. However, we do have an online service whereby you can order these and many other products and they will be delivered to your door in about 7 days. When applicable, these products can be reordered through HousePaws. Many of our clients love this option, as they do not have to travel to get their pet’s medications!!!
Why is there an initial consultation for acupuncture and laser therapy?
We require an initial consultation for these procedures as they are consider alternative medicine modalities. We find it very helpful to have an appointment that engages the pet parent in active conversation about their expectations and understanding of these treatments. Acupuncture and laser therapy are fantastic tools to utilize, but like many modalities, it is important for clients to understand the framework in which they will be utilized.
What is palliative and hospice care?
Palliative care is provided to those pets with terminal or chronic disease processes where comfort is the goal, not cure. These pets have often times had extensive diagnostics with either their regular veterinarian or specialist. Owners are wanting to keep their companion comfortable and happy at home. This may require oral or injectable medications, fluid therapy, pain management, nutritional guidance, or environmental adjustments. Laboratory services may be necessary to monitor the pet’s condition and make adjustments in the treatment plans. There is an open line of communication between client and doctor under these circumstances, as changes may happen quickly. Hospice care is offered when a pet is at the end of life transition. Our role is to be you and your pet’s advocate for passing in a dignified, peaceful manner.
How long are the initial palliative and hospice care visits?
The initial visits are about typically 1 ½ hours. We review your pet’s medical records, examine your pet and their surroundings, engage in extensive discussion with the pet parents, and create a treatment plan.
I would like to put my pet to sleep at home. How will I know when it's time?
This can be one of the most difficult decisions to make. We offer a quality of life consultation that provides owners with ways to help make that decision. The doctor will come to your house and assess the pet, discuss quality of life parameters, and offer guide the pet parent through the end of life transition.
How do I make an appointment for home euthanasia?
You can either email or call us to make appointments. Knowing this is a very stressful time, we try to accommodate special requests as best we can. We do ask that these appointments be scheduled 3-4 days in advance, but understand this is not always possible. Same-day euthanasia appointments will be subject to an emergency fee for those who are not current hospice clients.
What should I expect with home euthanasia?
Once we arrive for the appointment, we will first finalize all paperwork. We will give an injection that will fully sedate your pet. This injection under the skin may take about 5-15 minutes to take full effect. Once your pet is sedated, the final intravenous injection will be given. We will use our stethoscope to assure that your pet has passed. If we are to transport your pet to the crematory, we will allow you and your family as much time as needed prior to our departure. Our mission is to make this process as peaceful for both pet and pet family alike.
I do not want to bury my pet at home, what are my options for aftercare?
There are essentially 2 options for body care after euthanasia. A general, or group cremation, in which your pet is cremated with other pets and the ashes are scattered on the grounds of the crematory. The ashes are not returned back to you. Group cremations can be paid for at the time of the euthanasia appointment. If you select a private cremation, your pet is privately cremated and his or her ashes will be returned to you in either a standard urn or an urn of your choice. We ask that if you select a private cremation, please finalize all decisions and payments for that service prior to our appointment. This will be done through either Fond Memories or the crematory of your choice.