Hospice Care – Giving Them A Little More Time

Hospice Care. Who knew that even existed for cats and dogs? Right? When I tell people, they are either amazed or shocked that people actually do it. But, for many of us, our pets are our family and why wouldn’t we put them in hospice care in their end-of-life stages.

I have seen some pets in hospice care for a few days and others for months. It is tailored for your pet with you in mind. It can include subcutaneous fluids, special hygiene care, walking aids like slings or help-em-up harnesses, vitamins, hemp, pain medications, and lots and lots of communication with the clients.

Depending on the severity, we will talk with our hospice clients monthly, weekly, daily or even multiple times a day. We pay extra close attention to how they feel. Dr. McMahan is great at tweaking medications to make the pets as comfortable as possible. There have been many days where I wish my own doctor was a veterinarian. So thorough!!

And the owners are amazing too! Some owners keep diaries of what their pet does or doesn’t do everyday while some check in every other week. They send us videos and pictures and feeding logs.

We keep such a detailed log on our hospice patients and the owners are so in tune with their pets. Owners are able to speak directly with Dr. McMahan if they have questions or concerns. And we always make a way to see these clients as soon as we hear of complications.

Some of the conditions our hospice patients have: chronic renal failure, congestive heart failure, chronic severe arthritis, Irritable bowel syndrome, hyperthyroidism, and cancer.

Along with medications, Dr. McMahan can add in herbs, hemp, and vitamins  for a more natural approach. Acupuncture and laser therapy can also be used for pain and inflammation.

And in the end, we are there when the time comes to say good-bye. We know that we did everything we could. Everything the owner was comfortable with and everything the pet would allow. We don’t prolong the inevitable. We just give them a little more time. Time to spend with the family that has loved them for years. They pass pain free, peaceful and in their home.

This is what we are here for.

Wendy with Mouse

I don’t know what I would do without Dr. McMahan and her assistant, Sarah. These two are the best! Really. The best. I have an old (18.5 yr), sick cat who gets stressed every time she leaves the house. So after many horrible experiences going to the vet, I decided to look for a mobile vet. I could not be happier with that decision due to the amazing care that my cat is receiving. Mouse (my cat) was literally dying bc she wouldn’t eat. I fully expected to have to put her down months ago, and Dr. McMahan started trying everything to help. We found a regimen that has kept her happy for 4.5 months now. Dr McMahan is honest and caring, as is her assistant. They are responsive and provide stellar in-home care.

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