Home Euthanasia – In Memory of Campbell

Campbell (sedated in the picture) was an elderly 12 year old golden retriever with many types of cancer. After months of medications, his owner knew it was time. And so did Rusty, his best friend.

After we gave Campbell his sedative, Rusty laid by his side until the end. He licked his paws and laid his head over him comforting his companion. We didn’t dare make him move.

Campbell’s owner, Pam, laid near his head, speaking soft kind words and rubbing his head and muzzle.

During the final half of the procedure even the family cat came out of hiding loudly meowing. He also laid next to Campbell’s head in silence until Campbell crossed the rainbow bridge.

We were speechless. All we could do was watch in awe and take in the love his family had for him.

Euthanasia is so gosh darn difficult and its unfair that we have to do it. And its times like this, that all you can do is sit in silence and absorb the moment.

Campbell was so very loved and will forever be missed.

His memory will not only live on in the heart’s of his family, but in ours as well.

We are so humbled to have witness the strong connection between man and animal.

Campbell H. Gone but never forgotten.



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