Home Euthanasia – A Technician’s View

We understand how difficult it is to make the decision for a home euthanasia. It is a decision that we pray we never have to make, that we will find that they have comfortably passed in their sleep over night. We understand your heartache and indecisiveness. We have been in your shoes. We never want to make the decision too early, but definitely do not want to wait too long and have them suffer.

Even saying the word, euthanasia, can be hard. It’s a very sensitive topic. Our pets are not JUST our pets.  They are family. We have so many memories that include them. Trips to the park, trips to the beach, hiking, playing with toys, or cuddling on the couch. People say ‘time heals all’. But I don’t believe that. Every time I think of Diesel, my heart aches. I miss his spotted tongue, his tolerant hugs when I was having a bad day, watching him run in the fields by my old middle school, and oh do I wish to vacuum up the tumble weeds of fur just one more time. (He will truly never be forgotten.)

I am so honored to be apart of home euthanasias. As hard and as difficult as it can be, I am truly happy to be apart of it. It is so peaceful. To see the tranquility pets are to be in their home. To lay in the favorite spots, to be in their own beds, to be surrounded by all the people that they love the most. To be held and loved on and hear the voices of their family as they pass on, that is how I want to go. Owners can grieve in their own way. There are no time restraints. It is so personal. I am just so thankful for gentle home euthanasia.

-Sarah Clark

I Am Sorry For Your Loss

The time has come to put your pet to sleep.
You’ve set the time for us to meet.

The days been long but time stands still, as you hear our knock, you get the chills.
We enter smiling bags in hand,
and its all you can do to barely stand.

We’ve been in your shoes,
We’ve experienced the loss,
But you don’t know our difficulty to talk.

Talk about the steps,
Talk about the time,
Talk about the paperwork you filled out online.

I am sorry for your loss.

We find a spot for her to lay,
a comfy place for her to stay.

We give the first shot under the skin
and reminisce how times have been.

He once was strong, energetic,and crazy.
But now he’s lame, blind and lazy.

With every year we loved him more,
but now his health is very poor.

I am so sorry for your loss

As we prepare to give the last injection you lay with her giving more affection.

‘I love you so much’
‘You can finally rest’
‘We will see you again’
‘You’ve been the best.’

Your words fill my heart and it starts to break, I’ve been in your shoes and I know your pain.

My hands are steady but my soul is shaking, I give the last shot when you are ready.

The tears, the cries, lullabies
Oh I hope you forgive me.

It’s been given and I listen for a beat
there only silence and its deafening.

He is gone I say
You close your eyes and reply OK.

I am so so terribly sorry for your loss.

They are family and fill our hearts.
We will remember them always even after we part.

We remember their bark, the smell of their fur we remember their tails, their meows, their purrs.

We miss their happiness as we walk through the door, Even when gone ten minutes to the store.

We miss getting on the computer to study for a test, just to have you lay on the keyboard to rest.

Its the little things, we never knew
we’d miss so much and want to redo.

My words are lacking but my feelings are true I understand I really do.

But all that comes out is

I am sorry for your loss.

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